One of Vindictive ' s 7.5-inch howitzers was acquired and preserved by the Imperial War Museum. escort for Group I Evacuation Convoy. Register and Upload them now! The fifth and last was ordered in April 1916. April                       Nominated for reduction to Reserve status, June                        Paid She was converted into, and completed, as an experimental aircraft carrier. On the night of 11-12 November Hecla was torpedoed five times by U-515 commanded by German U-boat ace, Werner Henke. for initial landings. HMS Vindictive. DIRK BONNE'S 1:72 scale model. A repair ship is a naval auxiliary ship designed to provide maintenance support to warships.Repair ships provide similar services to destroyer, submarine and seaplane tenders or depot ships, but may offer a broader range of repair capability including equipment and personnel for repair of more significant machinery failures or battle damage. December              Deployed The Zeebrugge and Ostend Raids, with their associated crop of VCs, had given the ship late celebrity and her name was perpetuated by renaming the aircraft carrier HMS Cavendish, which was under construction, as Vindictive. RESOLUTION, HMS EFFINGHAM. Previously he had served on HMS Vindictive, a repair ship based at Freetown and volunteered to go to Lagos and prepare the ship for the voyage home. completion of conversion commissioned for service and joined Home Fleet. for support of ships deployed in. Vindictive was laid up at Faslane in December 1945. At the start of the First World War she was the only member of the class still on active service. A.J. 18th December 1918 and the 5th RN warship to carry the name Under HMS "Vindictive " was a Royal Navy warship built between 1916 and 1918. area. January                  Freetown deployment This model is based on an Anker 06 training cruiser model of Vindictive but the 7.5" guns have been replaced by smaller weapons (probably 4" shielded AA guns, the main mast by a crane and the crane on the quarterdeck has been retained. She was converted into, and completed, as an experimental aircraft carrier. Charles John De Lacy - HMS 'Vindictive' at Zeebrugge, 23 April 1918.jpg … Your comment. With the exception of the report by Captain Ackland, the CO of HMS Vindictive, with Home Fleet at, September             Deployed Saved by David Robson. retained and a catapult with crane for recovery were placed on the Disposal List. Repairs and refitting were carried out on “Vindictive” at Dover and she was filled with 200 tons of concrete. Put into reserve 1945. She was paid off to the reserve on 24 December 1919. Proper, an Arm, the hand grasping a Scimitar all Gold, D e t a i In February 1946 HMS Vindictive was sold for scrap and broken up. (Note: Hughes. Nominated Converted to a repair ship 1939-40. July                         Deployed Read more Date of experience: March 2018 Post Sep 17, 2019 #1 2019-09-17T12:18. HMS Vindictive was an Arrogant class second class cruiser famous for the role she played in the attempts to block Zeebrugge and Ostend in 1918. Name * Comment * Submit: Close: 1938 - equipped as a training ship - aft funnel removed and deckhouses added for cadets - note the hanger and crane before the bridge from her days as an aircraft carrier. and was intended to be named CAVENDISH, but on selection to be converted for use for support of planned landings at. Destroyer ZULU. Free shipping for many products! HISTORIES of Saved by David Robson. L.H.K. October                  Nominated operations retained in use as an Accommodation Ship. E.B.K. HMS Adamant (1940) – submarine depot ship; HMS Vindictive (1940) – ex-training cruiser, destroyer depot ship; Unicorn (1943) – fleet aircraft maintenance carrier; HMS Adventure (1944) – ex-minelayer, landing craft repair ship; UK merchant ship conversions Hull repair type. October                  Under conversion. She was the first Royal Navy cruiser fitted with catapult equipment. HMS Vindictive (1918). AURORA, HM Destroyers SOMALI, FAME, HAVELOCK, WREN and Nicholson, DSO, DSC, RN), HMS Havelock (Capt. Returned to Harstad when released from support duty. HMS Vindictive was selected for use as the assault ship in the attack on Zeebrugge, and was to land the first wave of seamen storming parties and Royal Marines on the Mole. April                       Nominated The Xanthus-class repair ships were a class of five auxiliary ships built for the United States Navy and Royal Navy. Passage S e r v i  c e, (for more ship information, Für eine Auflistung heutiger Schiffe siehe Liste von Schiffen der britischen Royal Navy.. Das Präfix HMS ist eine Abkürzung für Her (bzw. ... At the beginning of the Second World War she was converted into a repair ship. They left Freetown as part of a convoy and on the first day out, she broke down. It was last used for a At the beginning of the Second World War she was converted into a repair ship . Polish SOBIESKI, FRANCONIA, LANCASTRIA and. (See HITLER'S U-BOAT WAR Ending Monday 22nd day of December 1919. Taken in hand for conversion to new role. Smith, Naval-History.Net. Got photos of this ship? Her first role after the conversion was completed in early 1940, however, was to transport troops during the Norwegian Campaign. HMS Vindictive. Monitors: stern to bow track past Lord Clive Class monitor; second Lord Clive bows-on; medium shot to stern of Erebus Class monitor. The larger ship on the left is HIJMS Akashi providing repair services to smaller warships in Truk lagoon.. Japan found repair ships valuable for Pacific island bases. Converted to a training ship 1936-37, demilitarised and used as a Cadet Training Ship 1937-39. The rest of the convoy carried on leaving the Duchessa alone in waters known to be patrolled by U-boats. At the beginning of WWII she was converted into a repair ship. Between 1923 and 1925 she was reconverted back to a cruiser. LOG of HMS VINDICTIVE. This cruiser was launched on January                  On Volume 2), 12th        Avoided torpedoes fired by U515. Vindictivewas reduced to Reserve on 30 November, 1920. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Navy British Repair Ship HMS VINDICTIVE c1940s? for return to UK for repair duties after SERVICE During the Second World War, 11 merchant ships were converted into general repair ships, six of which were former passenger liners. //-->, if any ads offend, please contact Naval-History.Net, Out of a Cloud BERMUDA, Polish, BATORY, Following conversion back into a cruiser with a reduced aircraft capacity, she sailed from Chatham the Fifth Light Cruiser Squadron on the China Stationearly in 1926. for transfer to, for support duties after allied landings in North, March                    Nominated The … Germany selected for use as a Repair HMS Vindictive. The first ship, Antonia was completed in 1942 (renamed HMS Wayland) and was followed by the Aurania (renamed HMS Artifex), Ausonia, Alaunia and Ranpura. HMS Vindictive. HMS Vindictive was a Training Ship built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, laid down 29th June 1916, launched 17th January 1918 and commissioned 1st October 1918 as HMS "Cavendish", a cruiser. Please note that we're still working on this section. Com… HM Destroyer Depot Ship HECLA escorted by HM Destroyers VENOMOUS and, MARNE west of Gibraltar. Vindictive was demilitarized and converted into a training ship in 1936–1937. David Chessum. She was Previously he had served on HMS Vindictive, a repair ship based at Freetown and volunteered to go to Lagos and prepare the ship for the voyage home. Armstrong, RN). ZEEBRUGGE 1918 - OSTEND 1918 - NORWAY 1940, Badge:   On a Field Blue, Out of a Cloud 444 embarked. HMS Vindictive was a Royal Navy warship built between 1916 and 1918. back to Contents Listor Naval-History.Net, revised 5/6/11 Other HMS Vindictive - 1st HMS Vindictive Refitted Designed as an Cavendish class heavy cruiser but redesigned as a aircraft carrier and renamed HMS Vindictive. Die Liste historischer Schiffe der Royal Navy enthält Namen bekannter Schiffe, die bei der britischen Royal Navy in Dienst standen. Following the promising flight trials aboard Furious in 1917, the Admiralty decided that Cavendis… 1923 reconversion as cruiser, later training ship, then repair ship, destroyer depot ship. The officers commanding HMS Hecla, HMS Marneand HMS Venomousand, presumably, HMS Vindictive, the other destroyer depot ship being escorted to the invasion beaches in north Africa were required to write Reports of Proceedings giving their account of the loss ofHecla. Power, RN). She was then returned to the Port Line in 1947. HMS "Vindictive" was a warship built during the First World War for the Royal Navy (RN). Repair Ship. P.N. At the beginning of the Second World War she was converted into a repair ship. In response, the British navy immediately sent the heavy cruiser HMS Vindictive, the light cruisers HMS Carlisle and Emerald, the minesweeper HMS Petersfield, and the destroyers HMS Witherington, Wolsey, Wishart, Gnat, Veteran, Caradoc, Verity and Wild Swan toward Nanjing. In early 1939, the British advised the other LNT30 signatories of … April                       Passage to UK. She paid off to a C. & M. Party on 10 February, 1925.In that year, she became the first Royal navy ship with a catapult for launching aircraft, though by mid 1932, this would no longer be in place. further editing and formatting is required,