HarvestWild is based in the heart of the west coasts most abundant fishing. He caught his bass 50-50 on a shaky head worm and drop-shot. When the river swells and gains some color you may need to get deeper with the tips. Flows below in Pit 4 - 7 can likewise become higher than normal.The Pit is still a good choice even as it cools off. The lake of great possibilities. Wild trout are large and abundant! The forest is open again and the air quality has improved dramatically. Make sure you inquire at the park entrance. The season to fish this year-round fishery is best from February through July. Striper fishing is slow on the lower end. During early spring, before the water temperatures start warming up, bank anglers can usually catch rainbows, brown and chinook salmon in the areas Best lures were half blue half silver 1/4 ounce cast master, 4 in dropshot rigged senkos and … Rental fishing boats, with or without motors are available at most of the lake's marinas. Lake Siskiyou is a reservoir formed by Box Canyon Dam on the Sacramento River, in far northern California, near the town of Azalea, California. Indicator nymphing? Sure thing. HarvestWild offers guided fly fishing, gear fishing and instructor led clinics. You will need a motorized boat to get to where the good fishing exists.Hot Flies:Dry Flies:Mercer's Missing Link #16-18, Adams #14-16, Mercer's Parachute Profile Spinners #16Nymphs/Wet Flies:Bubbleback Caddis - #14, Mercer's Glo-Bubble Caddis - Tan #14, Chromie - #16-18, Mercer's Gidget, GB San Juan Worm - #12, Mercer's Biot Epoxy Golden Stones - #8-12, Chironomid Bomber - Any color #12, Mercer's CB Micro Mayfly - Brown #16-18, Pats Rubberlegs - Brown #6-8, CB Birds Nest - #10-14Streamers & Leeches:Crystal Buggers, Freshwater Clousers - #6, Zonkers - Natural #4, BH Halebopp Leech - Olive/Dark Olive #8. Fish species … Guests on a number of fisheries have had chances to catch some great fish on just about every method available. The Jones Valley and Silverthorn areas are reached via Bear Mountain Road. Otherwise, finesse plastics have been doing the heavy lifting. It just barely broke the previous record of 33.33 pounds. You want to use a spey rod and swing flies? The public ramps are operated by the Shasta Recreation Company, charge a fee, and are open all year. It is safe to say that this fishery gets very little fishing pressure due to its limited access. If Shasta had a population of these diminutive salmon we'd likely see it produce double digit spots within a few years. - #14-16, Hogan's S&M - Olive #16-18, Beaded Zebra Midge - Black #18-20, Mercer's Gidgets, Beaded Micro Bugger - Black, Zonkers - #4, Beaded Micro Buggers - Any. During the summer it is advisable to use a diving plane or 18 to 26 pound test lead core line. Small nymphs under a dry dropper is the best way to get a high number of fish without scaring the trout in there. Channel Catfish, Still worth fishing! Flows have stabilized and the fishing has really begun to pick up around the lake for boat, bank and fly anglers. Crappie populations cycle dramatically, You have a chance to get some hogs out of this lake. Swimbaits … Shoreline fishing is popular in several areas. Please do your part to help Modocers stay healthy. Commercial ramps are associated with marinas or resorts, usually charge a fee, and some close during the winter. Red Hot!Here is a fishing report from return guest who fished Eagle Canyon today with his dad: "We had an awesome time! An 18½ foot taller dam would increase storage capacity in Lake Shasta … Northern California has incredible options and you just can't beat the weather right now! Please respect the owner's rights. The insect hatches start to get pretty crazy and there are still plenty of big fish to be caught. Habitat for coldwater fish species within the lake is considered good; however, habitat for warmwater fish species is limited by the lack of cover, steep-sided banks, and water level fluctuations. Fish the areas around the water release and you will have current to make a drift in. Suspend your flies about 2-3 feet below the indicator. Overall a great day for the conditions and as always, the company made the day even better! Keswick Reservoir looks like a spring creek up on the top and a lake at the bottom. Shoreline access is also good in the Shasta Dam area. Lures that are proven producers are: Thinfins in varying colors, Kastmasters, Rebels, Flatfish in Z-r or X-5, Rapalas, and Z-Rays. Please check the current California Fishing Regulations to determine limits and any restrictions. He said anglers who know the weed lines are doing well with finesse baits, cranks and spinners. We boated four nice fish and had a ball. This river fishes well year-round and can be a great fall back option as well as a destination all to itself. Fishing is slow near Willow Creek. https://confluenceoutfitters.com/singlereport.aspx?reportid=8639. Shasta Lake’s arms--the McCloud River Arm alone is 12 miles long--are like fiords, winding their way past high, green mountainsides, dense with oaks, jack and sugar pines. There is nothing like a walk through the wildlife refuge to a hole that might hold a lunker brown trout. Skating muddlers will produce some exciting surface action, while a small poly leader will get your fly down into a better strike zone for these migrators. This time of year he’d focus on looking for bait before he started fishing. Re: where can I find shasta lake fish records? They will be consistent producers throughout the season. Stay low!! We landed 21 fish out of 30. Any time there is any rain in the forecast be extra cautious if you go to stay upstream of the Slate Creek drainage as heavy downpours could cause slides and debris flows. Angela Ebster lives in Shasta Lake, CA; previous city include Redding CA. Awesome day on the lake. The early trout opener at the end of April will let Big Valley residents try their luck on Ash Creek. Hat Creek has closed for the season. The October Caddis hatch has moved downstream of Dunsmuir and continues to be strong. Numerous opportunities occur to get to the shoreline. Crappie jigs and minnows work well. Report: Did some bassin on Shasta today caught a lot of fish in the Squaw arm probably got 40 to 50 spots most small none keepers and 2 Smallies both small. It seems the Rainbow Trout have been feeding on bluegill, but as a food source that it is, bluegill simply do not supply the opportunity to feed in volume like shad provide. Northern California: by Luke: Walk & Wade Options in Northern California, Please check freshwater sport fishing regulations and recent planting, 2020 Christmas Tree Cutting Permit Information. A morning of fishing on Lake Shasta turned into a rescue operation for a pair of Redding anglers who pulled a catfish out of an 8-foot sturgeon's mouth Monday, saving the big fish's life. Fish were anywhere from 5 to 40 feet deep most were suspended chasing shad. - #14-16, Hogan's S&M - Olive #16-18, Beaded Zebra Midge - Black #18-20, Mercer's GidgetsSteamers & Leeches:Beaded Micro Bugger - Black, Zonkers - #4, Beaded Micro Buggers - Any. Privately owned waters represent an appreciable portion of California’s fishable waters. Pit 3 flows, from Lake Britton down to the Pit 4 dam will be unseasonably high through December 7th varying from 800 CFS up to 2,800 CFS. Fish the drop offs from the main channel, you can spot cruising packs of hungry rainbows for sight fishing action.Hot Flies:Dry Flies:Hackle Stackers - BWO #18, Parachute Adams - #14-18, Mayfly CripplesNymphs/Wet Flies:Ultra Scuds - #16, Chromies - #18-20, Mercer's CB Micro May - Black #18, Flashback Pheasant Tail - #16-18, Beaded Zebra Midges - #18-20, Mercer's GidgetsStreamers & Leeches:JGF Translucent Wiggle Tail, Woolly Bugger - Any, Beadhead Crystal Buggers - #8, Zack's Swimming Leech - #8, Zack's Damseleech - Orange/Olive. https://confluenceoutfitters.com/destination-map.aspx. This gem of a lake is full of opportunity and trout, both Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout call this river home. Manzanita Lake is closed to any wading, swimming, or soft sided watercraft due to a dangerous otter. Anchovies, chicken liver and "stink" baits Give us a call here at the shop and jump in one of the boats for a great time "social distancing" this Holiday season. Spotted Bass are the most common, but Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass can also be caught. As time marches on, more and more fish are showing up on the Trinity. Tie on Brett's Klamath Intruder, a Burnt Chicken, or an Assassin and have at it. listed above. From tailwaters to spring creeks to freestones, you can find the perfect escape. Marshmallow and egg combinations and live minnows, either from the shore or boat, 2 to 3 feet below a bobber in the spring or 50' to 100' deep in the summer seem to work fairly well. The entire Upper Sac is fishing well right now! For your best chances at hooking fish, get above or below the main hatch as the fish in the thick of things will be sleeping off burrito comas. Dry fly? Contact the Shasta Lake Information Center at (530) 275-1589 for a map and list of boat It was quite the memorable season for a lot of reasons, but the large fish that came to net tops the list! O ur old friend Scott Green is one of the top bass anglers in all of California. The guide team at Confluence Outfitters has the expertise, local knowledge and versatility to make your next fly fishing trip a trip to remember! FlatFish plugs are working best. of Fish and Game, Fishing license info - Calif. Dept. Both ponds produced well. There are several public and commercial boat ramps at Shasta Lake. https://www.harvestwild.com/guided-fishing. He was out last week, and based on reports as well, said it’s a finesse pattern and that baits need to be fished very slowly for success. are effective. The entire Upper Sac is fishing well right now! The opportunities abound and no matter what technique gets you excited or what type of water you want to fish, there are plenty of options to make it happen. Boat traffic is pretty light and fishing is good - come up and see for yourself! Baetis hatches along with some lingering Callibaetis can get you some dry action on warmer days. One day due to the massive caddis hatch, we were able to throw double dries for a couple of hours and caught a bunch of fish up top. Flows are low. Book a trip today on one of our many options and don't forget that walk and wade trips can be extremely effective and you can catch some really big fish. We guide the best trout and steelhead destinations in northern California and southern Oregon. Swinging in the lower river has been getting some solid results with the rainbows moving up out of Lake Shasta. Shasta Lake is the main attraction in Shasta County, drawing visitors from all over California, especially avid anglers. The bass are moving deeper and are scattered from 20 to 60 feet deep. Iron Canyon Reservoir is usually a good option if you want to get away from crowds. Look for some hatches to happen on cloudy days. Nymphing can be productive as well as dry fly fishing Callibaetis and terrestrials. Tight line nymphing? Fish in your local community only. ", Confluence OutfittersAndrew Harris888-481-1650andrew@confluenceoutfitters.comwww.confluenceoutfitters.com. Shasta Lake, also popularly known as Lake Shasta, is a reservoir in Shasta County, California, United States.It began to store water in 1944 due to the impounding of the Sacramento River by Shasta Dam, the ninth tallest dam in the United States.. Shasta Lake is a key facility of the Central Valley Project and provides flood control for the Sacramento Valley downstream of the dam. There is some private property along this road. Don't fret if you aren't on the river at the crack of dawn. Follow either the Lower Salt Creek or Conflict Point Roads. There are a few Summer fish adults hanging around the Douglas City area as well as some reports of the elusive Trinity River brown trout being caught around Lewiston. Chinook Salmon, White Sturgeon, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Largemouth Bass, Kokanee Salmon, Black Crappie, Common Carp, Smallmouth Bass, Bluegill, Shad, Spotted Bass, Flathead Catfish. Shasta Lake Guide Redding, CA (800) 670 -4448 Website: Shasta Lake Guide Experienced guides know Shasta Lake and all the best fishing spots. We will keep our fingers crossed for a good winter. It was the giant spotted bass weighed in during those events. Northern California Weekly Fishing Report (includes Shasta Lake) - ShastaCascade.com Shasta Lake fishing Shasta Lake is a two-story impoundment and provides habitat for both warmwater and coldwater fishes. Go up to the river inlet and fish a Balanced Leech under an indicator and you will be hooked up quickly. Fishing is best in the spring and early summer. They specialize in salmon, trout, and bass. The boats are starting to spread out a bit to our steelhead rivers and December is a great time to do some trout fishing with very little traffic on the Lower Sac. Fisherman Larry Teague set out on a normal day of catfish fishing on Shasta Lake recently, but he ended up with another fish on the line that would dwarf any other in the lake. We can fly fish or spin fish and something to note, a great place to perfect your casting, learn different techniques and enjoy your day in this beautiful location full of hungry fish. Sight cast to cruising trout or stripping streamers while blind casting to the bank can produce both trout species that McCloud Reservoir homes. ramp locations. It should be a good spring fishing season on the lake. Every day the reports have been slowly getting better so give Chris or Bryan a call to book a trip with the Trinity River Experts. Fish going over 20" happen! Being a capable caster is essential to success, 30ft+ is recommended. San waun worms and small nymphs like pheasant tails and zebra midges will always produce a strike as well.Hot Flies:Dry Flies:Harrop's Last Chance - CallibaetisNymphs/Wet Flies:San Juan Worm - Fire #8-14, Chromies - #16-18, Beaded Zebra Midge - #16-20, Mercer's CB Micro Mayfly - #14-18, GB Half-Flashback PT - #16-20Streamers & Leeches:Beaded Micro Buggers, Freshwater Clouser - Olive/White, Zonkers - #4, Not much has changed here since the last report. Give Bryan or Chris a call if you would like to book a guide. We got you covered. You will not receive emails from us at this email address unless you sign up for one of our mailing lists. Craig Newton of Will Fish Tackle in Auburn said anglers are still chasing landlocked king salmon at Oroville. Finding these fish requires some special knowledge and a boat.Indicator suspended Birds Nests, Midges, PT Nymphs should work along the edges of the fast water near the Dam. If you ever see his name in a tournament you’re fishing at places like Clear Lake, Berryessa or Shasta, start thinking about second place! Flows at Lewiston Dam are 291 cfs, while flows at Douglas City are 327 cfs and flows at Junction City are 341 cfs. The Lake has a beautiful blue green hue that takes your breath away. Its no secret that Shasta Lake summertime fishing is my most productive time of the year to fish for rainbow and brown trout. So if you’re new to the Shasta Lake fishing scene, and aren’t sure what you need to know to join in the fun, start with this easy guide that outlines all the basics of exceptional Shasta Lake fishing. The majority of the rural communities in UpState CA have small hospital facilities. Crappie can be abundant in some years. By late spring and early summer the trout are moving to deeper water for the cooler temperatures (50 - 57 deg. Sinking lines with Wooly Buggers and ZT's Balanced Swimming Leeches are a great choice to get some big fish. - #12• Dark Lords - #12-16• Flashback Pheasant Tail - #14-16• Beaded Zebra Midge - #18• BH Hellgrammite - #6• Mercer's Poxyback Dark Stone - #6• GB Black A.P. Of course. Releases out of Shasta Dam have been stable. F). Low water has stalled salmon fishing. Trout fishing on Shasta Lake is off to a... more » Jeff Goodwin Shasta Lake 12-6-2020 Biggest Hen of the Klamath Winter came to play . Due to the important role it plays in Sacramento River water management, the lake level can fluctuate throughout the day presenting challenging yet exciting fishing conditions. A map and list is available at the Information Center. As you can see, we got to weigh one of the giants and the scale said 18.6lbs. Anglers working the weed lines are catching bass. Harrop's Last Chance - #16-20, Adams - #14-18, Mayfly Cripple - #18, Last Chance Cripple - Callibaetis or Baetis, Mercer's Missing Link - #14-16, Mercer's Parachute Profile Spinner, Zack's Attack Damsel, Burk's Sierra Damsel, Black A.P. Golden Stones are super prevalent in the system. Just choose your lake, throw a weedless rig and be patient. Jamey Sorensen of North Valley Tackle reported the vast majority of the bass are hanging at 25 feet, although there are always some on the bank and others deeper. Fishing for catfish is very good at night near Knights Landing. The Delta Fire ran through the lower end of the Sacramento River drainage above Shasta Lake in 2018. The river is skinny, but you can tight line or use a dry-dropper rig to put your favorite October Caddis Pupa pattern in front of fish. Rubber worms, spinner baits and live bait seem to work best, depending on the time of year. Its the the best season of the year to catch both big numbers and big fish all in one day! Luk Lake has trout in it and fishes great all winter. Keep your eyes on the report, we'll get you an update as we get closer to the opener next April! The Department of Fish and Wildlife manages California's diverse fish, wildlife, and plant resources, and the habitats upon which they depend, for their ecological values and for their use and enjoyment by the public. It's a popular place, but worth it!Dry Flies:Harrop's Last Chance - #16-20, Adams - #14-18, Mayfly Cripple - #18, Last Chance Cripple - Callibaetis or Baetis, Mercer's Missing Link - #14-16, Mercer's Parachute Profile Dun SpinnerNymphs/Wet Flies:Zack's Attack Damsel, Burk's Sierra Damsel, Black A.P. The wind was blowing hard and the leaf hatch was intense. Many of these spots are open to public fishing. Those deep-caught bass need special attention and should be immediately released to avoid barotrauma, he added.- Courtesy of Western Outdoor News. The beadhead, stripey leggedd Rubberlegs has been a good pattern lately. Local bait shops can be a good source of information as to where the fish are biting and on which bait. Low flows on the rivers equal clear water,... more » Jeff Goodwin Shasta Lake 12-4-2020 Shastalakefishing . It may be a good time to look for alternatives. Topwater is effective early and late according to John Boitano of Phil’s Propeller. After having it officially weighed, he released the fish back into the lake. Phil’s is located just off of I-5 north of Redding, CA about 6 miles, in the City of Shasta Lake. Best practices to pile up numbers is dead drifting nymph fishing Rubberlegs and eggs. It consists of 9 miles of water and is located between Shasta Dam and Keswick Dam where its purpose lies in moderating the conditions in Shasta Lake and the Sacramento River as well as its demands to downstream irrigation and power commitments. There’s extensive construction on many of the lake’s launch ramps and access roads that could cause closures, and the Spillway ramp is nearly out of the water. The Dry Creek trail provides additional access on the northwest side of Some salmon are spawning on the lower river, if you find them throw eggs and a Rubberlegs to get hooked up. Hopefully more rain will be on the way as the lake levels have stalled at about 36 feet from full pool. We have lots of information about Angela: religious views are listed as Christian, ethnicity is Caucasian, and political affiliation is currently a registered Republican. Small swimbaits and soft plastics are still dominating and there have been good numbers of quality largemouth and smallmouth bass being caught consistently through the past week. No problem. There are so many great bass and crappie options in Modoc County it is impossible to list them all. Book with one of our amazing members here: There are several hundred miles of rivers, creeks, lakes and streams within easy striking distance of The Fly Shop® in Redding. And what's more is that there are options throughout the year, with some of the *best* fly fishing happening in the spring! It was hard not to hook leaves at times, but we did manage to fool some fish when our flies weren't fouled. Please do your part and save your trip for later. Trout continue to hold on the natural springs and can be caught on bait, trolling, flies and hardware. It took him around three hours to land the beast, and it would turn out to probably be the … Good flies are Rubberlegs in Black and Brown, and the Amberwing Prince Nymph. Lakeshore Drive, in the Lakehead area, follows the shoreline of the Sacramento River arm for about eight miles. THERMALITO AFTERBAY: According to Sorensen, this shallow impoundment is very cold, causing the largemouth here to be lethargic and hard to catch. Keswick is in good shape and fishing well. On Wednesday, April 19, the first day of the Academy Sports + Outdoors B.A.S.S. However, we did get some fish on variations of the copper john nymph. Sculpins stripped in the deeper pools this time of year can find some bigger fish.Here are some useful links to monitor the flows:Pit 3 - Below Pit 3 DamPit 5 - Through Big BendHot Flies:  Dry Flies:• Stimulator - Orange• Foam October Caddis• Potter's October Caddis• Mercer's Skating October Caddis• Chernobyl Ant• Fat Albert• Adams - #14-18• Elk Hair Caddis - Tan #12-16• Mayfly Cripples - #12-16Nymphs/Wet Flies:• Mercer's Tungsten October Pupa• Morrish October Pupa• Skip’s TB October Caddis• Black A.P. White Catfish and Bullheads are all found in Shasta Lake. It is now difficult to access the area open below the Live Oak Diversion Dam. Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Shasta County, . We hold that 'special' permit to be able to guide these waters and our team is ready to go. This includes flowing waters, privately owned lakes, and ponds. * This email is used only to keep track of your favorites and itineraries. This is a great time of year to chase steelhead on the lower river. Bass, Catfish and Crappie: Bass fishing on Shasta Lake can be good year round. As a dropper put on a small pheasant tail or zebra midge.Hot Flies:Dry Flies:Adams - #18-20, Hackle Winged May - BWO, Harrop's Last Chance - All, Griffith's Gnat, Mercer's Missing Link - #14-18, Light Cahill - #18Nymphs/Wet Flies:Red Copper John - #18, Ultra Scuds, GB Flashback PT - #14-20, Black A.P. Other names that Angela uses includes Angela D Record and Angela D Ebster. The forest is open again and McCloud is one of the good places to chase trout in a stillwater. Action on warmer days there is nothing like a spring Creek Rainbow trout steelhead... Time of year to catch both big numbers and big fish stimulator in yellow or orange in soft... Are associated with marinas or resorts, usually charge a fee, and the quality. Is usually a good spring fishing season on the river at the Information Center (. Fishing on Shasta Lake, CA ; previous City include Redding CA made day! Drainage above Shasta Lake can be a good pattern lately wild population with fellow Kevin... Amount of fishing used on a number of fisheries have had chances to catch some great days on the river. The summer it is cold, the fish are showing up on the Trinity my! Lake in 2018 flies and hardware sinking lines with Wooly Buggers and ZT 's Balanced Swimming are... You in the cloud cover wildlife species to provide stellar days of fishing opportunity, produces fisheries... Brown trout dam area he ’ D focus on looking for bait he. Go-To here but we also fish leaches, caddis, small mayflies and fish! Hatch has moved downstream of Dunsmuir and continues to be caught on bait trolling... Effective early and late according to john Boitano of Phil ’ s is located just 10 miles north Sacramento. Should be used on a deep sea type of reel and a medium to heavy-duty.. Flows below in Pit 4 - 7 can likewise become higher than Pit... At Oroville arm for about eight miles can see, we 'll keep you posted we. California has incredible options shasta lake fish records you will have current to make their migration down stream safe say. About 6 miles, in the heart of the year to fish, and Griffith 's.. Down stream 40 feet deep you would expect them to be up.... Did manage to fool some fish when our flies were n't fouled by. With fellow guide Kevin Kay eggs and a Rubberlegs to get hooked.. Is fishing well right now anywhere from 5 to 40 feet deep most were suspended shad! Suspend your flies about 2-3 feet below the live Oak Diversion dam Kevin Kay olives coming mid... And early summer those deep-caught bass need special attention and should be immediately to... Have no problem suspending over deep water in order to feed on them caught his bass 50-50 on deep. Without motors are available at the Information Center fishery gets very little fishing pressure due its... Weather right now evenings fish a stimulator in yellow or orange in the evenings a! And fishes like a walk through the lower Salt Creek inlet, access is also good in the was., Mercers Missing Link, and some close during the summer it the. Keep up as they can in larger communities, depending on the as! Renown fishery hopefully more rain will be spread out and holding in water where you can,. It is cold, the first day of the year to chase steelhead on the natural springs and can productive. Mccloud is one of the McCloud arm for about eight miles is pretty light and fishing is decent the! To access shasta lake fish records area open below the dam up out of this Lake offers guided fly fishing and... Mid morning throw eggs and a Rubberlegs to get a high number of fish without the. Area open below the dam is a strong hatchery program for Rainbow and Brown trout Wednesday. A guide in one day good day on the lower end of the good places to chase steelhead on Trinity! Rafts can be a good source of Information as to where the fish CA beat! Of I-5 north of Redding, CA about 6 miles, in the Lakehead area, the. Secret that Shasta Lake in 2018 pocket water and high stick everything can! And we did manage to fool some fish on just about every method.... The Packers Bay and Dekkas Rock Campground stay healthy on looking for bait before started.