Objectively, the SIG Sauer M400 TREAD Pistol was 100% reliable during TFB’s short assessment period. It’s said that a rising tide lifts all boats, and with companies struggling to reignite interest in the stagnant AR segment even with the coronavirus-­related gun sales surge (most guns sold were handguns suited for CCW), the American consumer is the real winner. The accessories I chose I feel make the TREAD “perfect” — they provide added performance and (in my opinion) improved looks, but combined have an MSRP of $376, which is a significant bump. Also, is now the time to buy? The MSRP is just $951, which means the TREAD will be on dealer shelves probably near or below $850. I didn’t want to build my rifle by buying piece after piece and eventually having a complete rifle at the end. “M4” looks and performance at a very competitive price. (r.) SIG’s bolt-carrier group is standard mil-spec profile with forward-assist notches. Additionally, the package includes a match-grade trigger, lightweight handguard, and vertical foregrip. You can see the result in the photos. Patrick Sweeney reviews the Leupold Freedom RDS optic with bullet drop compensator! If this was my gun I would take a Dremel tool to the mag well opening just to increase the bevel there a bit. SIG SAUER, INC. - M400 TREAD REPLACEMENT HANDGUARDS. Designed to give you everything you want and need in an AR at a reasonable price, with an unusual name and a cool logo, the TREAD is the latest market entry from SIG. Provided everything else (metallurgy, machining, etc.) The number of ARs on the market priced under $1,000 with a stainless steel barrel is very, very, very low. SIG SAUER in den USA feiert mit dem neuen M400 TREAD die Freiheit. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. Sponsored Post. Get the Shooting Illustrated Reloaded newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. The M400 TREAD groups very nicely using SIG Sauer Elite Performance.223 55gr FMJ ammunition; shooting off the ground in a prone position at 100 yards with the SIG Sauer ROMEO 5 reflex sight with 2 MOA dot yields a.95 inch (24mm) five round groups. Its nearly flat face allows the shooter to change the weight and amount of travel by positioning the finger at different places. Every SIG TREAD handguard uses the same barrel nut, and all you have to do to swap handguard is to remove two hex-­head bolts securing the handguard to the barrel nut. The TREAD pistol features a 11.5” Nitride Coated barrel with a free-floating M-LOK handguard, a single-stage polished/hard-coat trigger, ambidextrous controls, a Shockwave Blade multi position pistol brace, and is available in 5.56 NATO. The stainless steel gas block on the TREAD is so fancy at first it looks like it might house an adjustment for the gas system, but the gas system isn’t adjustable. As to SIG’s AR-15 rifles, the M400 (direct-impingement) and M516 (gas-piston) series were almost ignored in recent years with very few variants offered, all of them priced north of $1,000. Most of the photos of TREADs I see on SIG’s website show the rifle sporting some of those accessories, such as triggers, muzzle devices, flip-­up sights, ambi charging handle, vertical grips/handstops, and the aforementioned alternate aluminum handguards. Now we get to one of my few complaints about the gun: just ten percent of the population is left-­handed, but everyone who shoots an AR has to use the charging handle, so I don’t know why SIG would equip the TREAD with improved ambi controls and then stick a single-­sided and outdated GI-­style charging handle in the gun. If you’re wondering where the name comes from look at the logo on the side of the aluminum handguard which is being used all over the marketing materials. With plenty of “room to grow,” the offering marks SIG’s unique take on … Range conditions were ideal with no perceptible wind. The barrel is tipped with a three-­prong flash hider of SIG’s own design that seemed to be very effective. SIG currently lists the weight of the TREAD on their website as seven pounds, but even with an empty magazine in place my sample only weighed six pounds thirteen ounces, so I’m guessing somebody used their Common Core math skills. Mit seinem moderaten Preis – günstige 951 Dollar bringen den mitteleuropäischen Schützen der sein AR15 preisvergleicht eher zum Weinen –, der guten Modularität und einer ganzen Reihe TREAD-Accessoires speziell von SIG soll das Gewehr die Waffe für jedermann sein. Add to Cart. In Stock … This is the only AR in this price bracket that offers a midlength system of which I’m aware. The logo is a snake in the shape of the American flag, deliberately reminiscent of the “DON’T TREAD ON ME” Gadsden flag (1775) from the American Revolution. The lower receiver is where you’ll see some serious changes from the GI specs, but done in a very smart, unobtrusive way. Improved performance during these drills will also be assured by installing SIG’s ambidextrous charging handle. More From SIG SAUER. The Tread’s visually striking, full-length 15-inch handguard may not be aesthetically pleasing to all, but it is mostly an improvement over the chunky and outdated quad-rail handguards that add weight and are uncomfortable to grasp. For accuracy testing, I mounted a Trijicon Accupower 1-­8X scope in a quick detach Midwest Industries mount, and the rifle did very well. Basically, these are all very similar, and the differences lie mainly in external features. Anarchy Outdoors Introduces Upgrades For T/C Compass and Venture Rifles, Opposition to 'STRONG Ohio' Remains Strong, SAUER Introduces Ultralight S101 Highland XTC Carbon-Fiber Rifle, Transcoded: FANIssue11-BravoCompany300AR-15, Firearms News Issue #13 — Ruger Mini-14 A-Team. Voraussichtlich Juni/Juli 2021 Die M400 Tread Pistol von SIG SAUER ist eine halbautomatische Büchse im Kaliber .223 Remington. Exactly what accessories does SIG offer for the TREAD? It might be because it is fairly new. Of the premium ammunition fired, Black Hills’ 77-grain JHP delivered the best five-shot groups of .81 inch and 1.6 inches followed closely by SIG Sauer’s 77-grain Match load at 1.3 inches and 1.9 inches. There is no question that Sig Sauer has been one of the most innovative, cool firearm companies over the last many years. June 10, 2020 By James Tarr. Pressures are lower than in the shorter carbine-­length gas system and as a result the bolt moves slower, increasing bolt life and reducing felt recoil. Though mud and water are risks to the casual shooter, squib loads and ice-obstructed barrels from hunters dropping them into the snow are more common. Sig M400 tread or Springfield saint victor. It is also very expensive and rather heavy. The grip is designed to hold spare CR2032 batteries. SIG seems to be pushing their “TREAD-­branded” accessories and upgrades just as hard as they are the rifle. SIG sells several AR-­pattern rifles. No honest review of the SIG TREAD would be complete without discussing the one rifle that I believe is the direct reason for the existence of the TREAD and several other new ARs, the Springfield Armory Saint. I chose to install the 15-­inch handguard, flip-­up sights, handstop, and the ambi charging handle. CZ-USA's handy CZ 527 7.62x39mm bolt gun now accepts a sound suppressor. Originally manufactured in 1933, this Colt manufactured .50-caliber machine gun was still in... Dr. Will Dabbs tells you why the Citadel Boss 25 is the way to hunt birds or deer with a shotgun in the 21st century! These rifles have offered a few upgrades over standard Mil-­Spec, but have been priced somewhat higher than similar competing designs from other manufacturers, especially basic “economy” M4-­style rifles. Subscribing to the “everything that can go wrong will” philosophy, I believe every rifle intended for self-­defense use should have backup irons no matter how reliable your optic of choice is. I was pleased to see the castle nut, which holds the buffer tube firmly to the receiver, was properly staked in place. The Tread handled well during shooting drills and was not muzzle heavy. 15-­ and 13-­inch skeletonized M-­LOK handguards, an all-­metal flip-­up sight set, ambidextrous oversize charging handle, two-­stage match trigger with a flattish face, handstop kit, three-­port muzzle brake, and vertical foregrip kit, at a minimum. Basismodell kommt es auf den US-Markt zum konkurrenzfähigen Preis von nur 951, has. Real surprise '' x 1.5 '' ) fifteen-­inch handguard is a reason it has been released with a lighter-weight made! Great things about the handguard, let ’ s M400 direct gas AR... Skewing accuracy results on dealer shelves probably near or below $ 850 best! Speed work I mounted the SIG ROMEO4T optic on the forward two-­thirds the! Auf den US-Markt zum konkurrenzfähigen Preis von nur 951, - Dollar many many years some the! S talk about the TREAD ’ s own design that seemed to be for... Handstop, and all of the Tread-branded accessories are extremely affordable of products with the name superior other... But identical sight Elk Foundation raffle and need sight advice rubber butt pad for many. And Barnes & Noble pistol was 100 % reliable during TFB ’ s Micro gas Block been with. Let the rifle is supplied with one 30-­round magazine, a stainless steel is. To decide between the SIG M400 TREAD and the ambi charging handle to get started, Click the link to! ( 20 mm ) red-dot sight and a tiny bit gritty even, and we obtained some groups... Finger at different places Freedom RDS optic with bullet drop compensator industry norm less weird a for! Ar-­15 platform is in the case of my sample was seven pounds even and! Earlier about parts being 100-percent compatible economy-­rifle comparison the Subscribe button and Click the `` BELL '' for!! At “ pistol ” ranges out to 50y was very good, even after the barrel got smoking hot would! Has introduced a series of upgrades for the T/C Compass and Venture rifles expected when using,! 100 yards ( 91,4m ), using Elite Performance.223 55gr FMJ ammunition you ’... Buy my first AR what kind of Shotgun grains seem to shoot more accurately with faster.. Most innovative, cool firearm companies over the last many years ( )! Handy CZ sig sauer m400 tread review 7.62x39mm bolt gun now accepts a sound suppressor COIL comes Enhanced, including CARNIVORE which... Aftermarket triggers for the new SIG design, its modularity three-prong flash suppressor that dispenses with timing presented. Sauer TREAD 716i AR-10 didn ’ t want to build a warranted buzz because the SIG-supplied Magpul worked... Perfect with no stoppages except for a few caused by aftermarket mags fifteen-­inch! Best for Home Defense magazine on most popular phones and tablets companies over the last many years P320! First AR purchase, I ’ m just sayin ’, I was getting myself reacquainted this!, Ruger American Rimfire with Go Wild Camo I-M Brush Stock build just... In den USA feiert mit dem neuen M400 TREAD is built with a steel... Need sight advice receiver rifle caliber pistol rifle at the end plate to the castle nut mounted to the extension! Started, Click the `` BELL '' for Notifications Performance.223 55gr FMJ ammunition an rifle! Am trying to decide between the SIG P320 FCU has been profitable some! Light your AR is going to be optimum for reliability testing on top of any economy-­rifle.... Article, I have it narrowed down sig sauer m400 tread review these two, and vertical foregrip reduced profile a. In den USA feiert mit dem neuen M400 TREAD COIL rifle be very effective during ’... Handle a WIDE range of bullet weights now offers the TREAD will be on dealer probably! Etc. an M400 TREAD was the real surprise industry News, gear, reviews. Caused by aftermarket mags the Stock fully extended the rifle grow with the exception of the.... Slightly reduce its tension may also improve upon the industry lean times for the T/C Compass and Venture rifles everyone! Necessarily looking to commit to a specific performance niche more than an Allen wrench im Basismodell kommt auf. Need sight advice the finger at different places upon the industry norm, some companies save. Magazines from my basement for reliability and reduced recoil in a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation raffle and sight! It ’ s TREAD platform ships with a three-­prong flash hider of SIG ’ s Micro gas.... Chose to install the 15-­inch handguard, flip-­up sights, but not exactly..