Secret channel catfish rig - Chad Ferguson. It provides a very sensitive and highly versatile way of fishing. Three-Way Rig. Bead or Bumper: If you’re concerned about your sinker weakening the knot you can add a bead or Team Catfish Sinker Bumper to protect the knot from the sinker. And, because its configuration allows for deep penetration with a sharp hook, it may be the best rig to use when the bait will be cast or … the secret channel catfish rig is instructions for a float that is super sensitive it is worth the money and I have caught tons of fish on it . 1.
To dismantle, simple cut through the bottom 5 mm of rig tube and mainline.This simple catfish rig has accounted for countless captures at Beausoleil and is up to the task of tackling the real monsters.My only word of caution is this: before you use it, spend some time down the gym, you’ll need to be in good shape for the battles … The rig's main purpose is to offer the least amount of resistance to the catfish as it moves off with the bait. There’s no secret science to building a Catfish rig. The three way rig is ideal for getting the weight and bait farther apart. Here are a few tips on picking out the right setup for your chosen species. This is the rig I use almost 100% of the time for fast paced channel catfish action with prepared baits and … Anyone pony up the 20 bucks ?? If you’ve spent any time at all fishing for channel catfish you know they can be finicky to catch at times. How To Tie The Santee Cooper Rig. To tie the 3-way catfish rig, follow these steps in order: Cut 12-16” of the monofilament leader line for your Triple Threat Hook and peg float. How to Build the Best Catfishing Rig. It is a basic Carolina rig, but the specialized part is what goes on the hook. Slip bobber rig is a versatile rig to use when targeting catfish. Source: It’s not uncommon for many anglers to miss fish, one after another because of the “ultra light bite” these fish often have. Sure, that might work – but here are three other catfish rigs to bring those whiskers to shore, split-shot not included. Posted by 2 years ago. Commercial dip bait rigs are available, but one of the simplest and most-effective baits when using dip baits, also referred to … … This rig allows you to see even the tiniest nibble so that you're less likely to miss a bite and hook up more frequently than traditional floats or bottom rigs. Depending on how fast the current is running and how deep the fish are swimming in the water column, you may need to experiment on leader lengths and adjust. It's safe to say that it is probably a load of crap. Secret Catfish Rig – The most effective channel catfish rig ever if you’re after numbers of channel catfish. You’ll slide this on the main line after the sinker. Nothing is a secret once you put it on the internet and the fact that it isn't being touted as the second coming of catfish rigs all across the internet by now means that either nobody has bought into the advertising and seen it or most likely it isn't anything special. 6. Weight: Slide your weight on the “main line” that runs to the fishing reel. Catfish Rods They often have an extremely "light" bite. This last rig is designed for channel catfish. The catfish rigs already discussed have focused on larger blue and or flathead catfish. Archived. Swivel: Tie … Has anyone else seen this on Catfish edge ? Close. Secret channel catfish rig - Chad Ferguson. … The point of the rig is supposed to be for Channel Cats specifically. The Secret Channel Catfish Rig, The Most Effective Channel Catfish Rig EVER! To rig, tie your mainline to one eye of a three-way swivel. I get it’s a modified slip bobber rig but what exactly is it ? Find a sturdy rod, add a quality reel, and don’t go cheap on your terminal tackle. Guy claims it’s supposed to increase catch 400 percent . Lets make a SLIP BOBBER RIG to catch some catfish!

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