[10], Batman and Robin began working together against Damian's mother Talia al Ghul, revealed as the head of Leviathan. Damian grew up to believe that he was raised for the sole purpose of leading humanity alongside his grandfather, Ra's al Ghul, because of this his entire childhood was comprised of rigorous training that would turn him into a living weapon, this along with his mother, and grandfathers twisted influence resulted in Damian developing a cold and cruel personality that made him think highly of himself. Batman arrived and accused Robin of the deed. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Robin declared Talon would never replace Batman. After Vanaver left, Damian remarked she was very attractive but a hair pretentious and a little shallow. Robin stated he thought teammates were a liability and Nightwing was an unavoidable irritation. [11] It was revealed that Talia had created another clone as his replacement, the obedient fully-grown Heretic. Starfire lights the area, as Terra concentrates on lifting the bit of earth they're on. However, since being taken under his father's wing, he has tried very much to reign in his rage and aggression, often repeating the mantra, "Justice, not vengeance," when he catches himself in the mindset of a killer. [6] Robin angrily left the Batcave to work with Nobody, who asked him to execute a criminal. "Ra's" pleaded for help but Robin beheaded him with his sword. To make matters worse, the Corruptors possessed the Leaguers. The battle spilled over from the roof through a skylight. [14] Bruce revealed that he has seen Damian's future, as told through "Batman in Bethlehem". Damian and Dick were called upon by Batman to find and capture the Scarecrow since he had to help the Justice League. Terra arrives, snarkily repeating Robin. Back home, Damian settled in a study and continued his study of Charles Dickens with a copy of "Oliver Twist." The two of them proceed to viciously attack the heroes, with Damian's attempts to free his father of the New God's control unsuccessful. Batman understood and told him about a monastery in the Himalayas that could be of help. He encouraged Robin's darker side and tried to take him as an apprentice. He appears close to Raven, who also has family problems. Live-action, this movie holds up against the heaviest hitters Marvel can throw at it. Damian in a heated argument with his father, showing his arrogant, argumentative, and violent personality. As Lois and her allies prepare to destroy the Lexcorp building back on Earth, which will destroy both the Paradooms and themselves, she sends a goodbye message to Superman on Apokolips. Apokolips War is set to release in Spring 2020, so from April-June time. While Batman recovered, Robin was presented to the Court of Owls by Talon. Damian led back to the Batcave, looked at the Robin costume and traded insults with Nightwing. Robin caught up to Raven and was shocked to see Ra's al Ghul, who was really the last Corruptor in disguise. [13] This allowed him to team up with Jason Todd, who was using the Wingman identity. Citation Needed Save for Raven, all his teammates were killed or captured. Before they can enter, the heroes are attacked by Darkseid's Furies. Bruce said they don't kill and tried to explain to Damian how Ra's was a madman, but Damian rebuffed it, saying Ra's was a hero and died one. In truth, Damian has been trapped in a wall in Deathstroke's lair by Terra. Coupled by his innate talent for the art and his lineage, Damian became a respected member of the League. After professing their love for one another, Zatanna revives Constantine. Talia then used the League's extensive scientific resources to inorganically speed up the child's aging - giving him the physiology of a ten year old in less than five years. Heretic dropped to his knees and begged Talia to let him have his way and end his suffering. Though the two were originally contentious of one another, they bonded closely, forming a brotherly relationship. Deceased Back at the tower, Nightwing and Starfire go through the notes, finding that H.I.V.E. Years of working with the Teen Titans. 24 hours later, Cyborg woke up. She revealed she was staying behind to keep a constant eye on Trigon but Robin objected. Damian Wayne was the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul and the grandson of Ra's al Ghul, the founder and former leader of the League of Assassins. He noticed the effect of subzero cold and messaged Pennyworth. Talia left Damian with Batman so he could learn from him and left to fix the League of Assassins. This misadventure was further complicated with the appearance of Lex Luthor, who tried to capture them both. His relationship with his stepbrother Dick also improved tremendously. video clip from News 52. Dollmaker's pleas fell on deaf ears and Robin only became more and more infuriated. Even though in previous films the two spent almost all their interactions fighting and bickering, Damian was horrified and devastated when Nightwing was killed by a Paradoom. He locked onto Wizard and set the plane on a collision course then ejected. An explosion occurs, scaring the cultists into fleeing. After a while, Damian begins to take note of the heroic deeds his father has to face and the things needed to be done in order to accomplish them. However, due to Damian's snide remarks and goading, Jon lost his temper and another brawl broke out between them. Full name Ubu told Damian to do his worst. He eventually joined the Teen Titans where he later became romantically involved with Raven. “Culminating a six-year animated journey that began with the release of Justice League War in 2014, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War finds Earth decimated after intergalactic tyrant Darkseid has devastated the Justice … Robin thought faith was just belief based on the absence of data and invites disaster. agents, with Robin noting that they prepared well for them. Reelin in agony, he ordered someone to kill Robin. Sometime later, Damian glimpsed the monastery and continued hiking. In the DCAMU, he is the second Robin after Dick Grayson, since Tim Drake and Jason Todd weren't introduced, unlike in the comics. Robin tells them that making choices with their hearts will lead to deaths. [22] At this point, Alfred declared them to be the Super Sons. Damian is informed by Alfred about Bruce's romance with Selina Kyle. While the Pre-Flashpoint Damian did not meet his mother until he was eight. Batman granted Damian the mantle of Robin, and Damian be… Damian visited Bruce at his office at Wayne Enterprises. After its collapse, Beast Boy returns and digs Terra out of the rubble. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is a 2020 American direct-to-video animated superhero film produced by Warner Bros. Batman criticized Damian for "being a child" and almost going too far with Ubu. Batman arrived and was about to chase Talon but Robin challenged him and the two fought. Grayson reminded her he had no childhood and spent his life training to kill then moved in with Batman. Damian witness as his teammates die from the Paradooms genetic hybrids of Parademons and Doomsday. Starfire and Raven arrive nest, with Raven backing Robin up as she has sensed something off about Terra since she tried looking into her mind. Batman decided to send Robin to train with the Teen Titans at their tower to learn how to be part of team. Damian freed himself than his father. Damian went after Deathstroke and the two fought. If you've watched DCAMU'S Justice League Dark Apokolips War then you're probably wondering what's going to happen next. As Robin investigated Schott's Toys, he found blood, surgical tools, scared children, and dead bodies. Batman was surprised to learn he had a secret son with a supervillain but sought to learn more about the boy anyway. Damian is the fifth character who takes on the role of Robin. After the death of their teammates, Damian even offered Raven to join him in leading the League of Assassins, showing a desire to be with her and have her at his side. Talia shot him dead. Bruce tried teaching Damian, still a cold-hearted assassin, about the sanctity of life, but had trouble relating with his son. Damian also gains more compassion and understanding, so much in fact that he now sees his mother's villainous deeds as cruel and heartless, something he would have been alright with and done himself long ago. They eventually escaped and captured Langstrom, bringing him to the Batcave. Talon offered him a chance to help eradicate crime once and for all with no rules and no limits. Justice League vs. Robin observed Starfire was an exiled princess with nowhere to go who hadn't realized her potential. Robin told him to shut up then demanded to know who the likes of Tusk and Firefly were working for. The Justice League teleported to the Tower via boom tube and asked Raven to come with them. Follow 9130. Batman and Darkseid have had some pretty epic feuds in the past, with the best being in Final Crisis when the villain finally took the Caped Crusader down with his Omega Beams. It was made worse when Nightwing said the Titans were teenagers, not children. Batman positioned himself and took the brunt of the fall. Raised by Talia and trained by the League of Assassins, Damian became a skilled assassin by an early age. Kid Flash: Justice League Dark: Apokolips War marks the first appearance for Wallace West, although he's only present in Superman's briefing before the attack and already dead in Damian Wayne's (Stuart Allan) flashback of the Teen Titans' massacre. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Robin explains that he had a hard time fitting in with Titans, offering to help her as well. In the Titans' computer room, Dick is surprised by Robin, who notes that Ra's al Ghul would have been impressed with Blood for being able to manage both a worldwide cult and H.I.V.E. Robin called him a psychopath and vowed he would pay. amaati. Raven uses her own magic to revive Damian. With six Titans to drain, Blood begins his ceremony to archive godhood. Damian helped fight the invasion and shoot down multiple assassins using a gun dropped by one. Deathstroke shows Damian all the pictures Beast Boy sent, just to annoy him. Robin soon realized they were being followed by Batwoman. It won't deal with Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. He and Grayson were surprised to learn Batwoman was Katherine Kane. Talia arrived and when Damian tried to get Ra's into the Lazarus Pit, Talia advises against it, saying the Pit can't heal a body as damaged as Ra's was. At one point, it even involved the forces of Earth 0. The Heretic flew Grayson aside, and challenged Damian to a sword-fight. Robin hesitated at first but removed his mask. HIGH SCHOOL- DAMIRAE by YSY Fan. Damian decides to stay on as Robin after everything is said and done, though he was ready to go with his mother when she asked him to. He was believed dead when he was shot in the head by an assassin named Goatboy. Batman admitted he was proud of Robin and welcomed him home. General information He threatened to shoot himself to Talia's dismay. Teen TitansLeague of Assassins (formerly)Bat-Family And due to rigorous training by the league of assassins from the first 10 years of his life, he has an incredible muscular built. Lois's death manages to free Superman of Trigon’s control; this act gives the Man of Steel his power back while also directing Trigon and Darkseid against each other. Alfred Pennyworth got him a cat to take care of, who he also named Alfred. The Mad Hatter brought him to full consciousness but he still felt something was missing. Heretic threw a knife into Electrocutioner, killing him. Damian was raised by his grandfather Ra's al Ghul and Talia al Ghul in the ways of The League of Assassins and brought up to eventually lead humanity, like Ra's al Ghul. ULTRAstarkiller. Constantine convinces the Flash that he needs to run back in time and create another Flashpoint, which he does, despite the speedster having sworn never to do it again. Affiliation Raven asked him to get away from her. Nightwing, Robin, Batwing, and Batwoman infiltrated the World Tech Summit but were soon found out. Etrigan dies, but Constantine manages to free Wonder Woman from the villain's control; she stays behind to fend off the former heroes while Superman and his allies head inside. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV … Robin pulled away and realized he needed to find out who he was. Gallery [edit | edit source] Videos [edit | edit source] The fight led to the other end of Gotham where Damian was about to kill Ubu with his sword if he refused to talk. Batman wasn't pleased to be stuck with an amnesiac villain who had no idea what just happened. As he neared Ichabod, Robin called Batman and told him. While searching for a tree for Christmas,[20] Jonathan Samuel Kent accidentally torched some woodlands near a swamp in Hamilton. Bruce Wayne ordered Grayson and Damian to return to the city without so much as thanking everyone. He is easy to defy those around him if his terms are not meet, he was even quick to defy his own father numerous time. Eventually, when Talia deemed that Damian was ready, she allowed him to go to Gotham and meet his father - the Batman. Despite their differences, they played ball with Titus and began to enjoy spending more time together as father and son. Cyborg opened a Boom Tube and with Starfire and Blue Beetle, opened fire on Superman. Wayne was still disoriented to Damian tried slapping him. May 6, 2020. After meeting his father, he became the second Robin and changed his ways from a mission of vengeance to a mission of justice like his father. Robin was intrigued but needed time to think. As Batman came to, Talon pulled Robin's arm forward and effectively committed suicide. In this universe when Joe Chillattempted to rob the Wayne's, it was the eight-year-old who Bruce was murdered in the alley instead of his parents. They lured her into an alley, ditched the Batmobile, and confronted her. Two years later, Superman, Raven, Constantine, and Etrigan came to one of the League's outpost where he ordered his Shadows to stop them from battling. Robin easily defeated them and implored them to get back up. What? They too had chosen targets that they must hunt down in order to ascend to the League. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is a 2020 American direct-to-video animated superhero film produced by Warner Bros. She took the Titans out on a night of mandatory fun at a nearby carnival. [12] Robin was shown to have faked his death, and is confined to the Batcave at Batman's orders. During this time, Damian was raised by Talia and trained by the League of Assassins; Damian became a skilled assassin by an early age. During the film, Batman tries to humanize him to correct Damian for being a trained assassin that raised by the league. He also does not like to change out of his Robin uniform unless needed; he once commented that he only changes clothes when its time for him to bathe. However, one member by the name of Reggie Meyer was driven insane by the excessive use of his powers and took the alias of Kid Amazo. Bruce Wayne had a heart-to-heart with Damian back at Wayne Manor. Voice actor Blue Beetle powered down the machine generating the holograms. During his adventure, he met Ra's' daughter Talia al Ghul. When Barry Allen went back in time to prevent his mothers murder it created a rippling effect in altering certain events. Batman tracked down the base of the Court of Owls but he was drugged and dumped into a labyrinth. As the Dynamic Duo, they faced new threats such as Doctor Hurt, Professor Pyg and Flamingo.[2]. Rather than inform Batman, Robin stole the Batmobile and drove to Ichabod, a town 60 miles outside the city, where Schott's Toys was based. Damian is ten years old. During the height of the Dollmaker case, Robin deduced the connection between the children kidnapped from Gotham City and a toy company named Schott's Toys. ; Robin surprises him. While bringing up Bruce's terrible record with women (Talia included), Damian accepts that if his father needs to sate some kind of carnal urge with Selina, he has no problem with it; however, Damian reminds his father to use protection (as neither himself, Alfred or Dick are willing to raise a child.). Disgusted with the "pure and perfect" Dick Grayson, Robin declared he was Wayne's son and nailed him with a low blow then knocked him down below onto the Batcomputer chair. After a war of words, Wayne threatened to send Damian to a school in Switzerland run by a retired general if he didn't shape up. An adult Damian became Batman, took up arms, and tore the heart out of Gotham, leaving a trail of destruction across the world. 10-12 years old. Beetle was unable to hold the Scarab back and it generated a chest cannon and blasted Robin point blank. has been studying them through all the Titans' attacks on their bases. Robin revealed Raven was in the Middle East, 60 miles north of Kahndaq City. Robin instead called him insane. His grief eventually drove him to resurrect Nightwing with the Lazarus pit, even though he promised Raven he wouldn’t. Robin removed the Kryptonite and placed in one of his belt pouches. Pets he has owned include. Talon was infuriated and knocked Robin away. League of Assassins memberThis character is or was a member of the League of Assassins, a international organization of the world's greatest killers, operating both for hire and their own agenda, in any of its various incarnations. Robin barely succeeded in just in time and the Watchtower narrowly avoided crashing into the Wayne Enterprises building. He has come to accept his teammates as a second family and was devastated by their deaths at the hands of Darkseid’s Paradooms. Robin realized there was more to Talia's plan. Batwoman didn't know and declined to work with them. Wonder Woman retrieved with the Lasso of Truth. Thinking it's about Terra's lack of control, Nightwing is surprised to hear that Robin is distrustful of her. 218 Views . Tusk eventually lost his footing and fell. Eventually, Wayne blocked Damian. Eye color Constantine manages to project this video around the chamber. You can help the DC Database by adding reliable sources in order to bring this article to a higher standard of quality. Catching Slade in an arm-lock, Robin is knocked off by Terra. He told him of Deathstroke's right-hand man Ubu who was stationed in Gotham and who he believed could lead him to Deathstroke so they could kill him. Beating him for fun, Slade tells Damian that he will have revenge for the League of Assassins choosing Damian over him for the next Demon's Head by killing the Titans. The next night, they went to The Garden and attacked mob boss, Mr. Draco. It was about doing what is right because it's right. Talon promised he wouldn't ask Robin to betray Batman any further and would eliminate the opposition. Blue Beetle heard enough and told him to show some respect. As Batman fought the man with the gun, Robin climbed up the side and fought the driver. She ordered Mad Hatter to erase all memory of this incident and then make the other "necessary adjustments" to Damian. By the time of Apokolips War, Damian has matured considerably in regards to his relationship with his family and team. [3] Damian began showing restraint, which Bruce commended, although Alfred still criticized him for not being supportive enough. The child was born and given the name Damian. Raven flipped out and replied it wasn't any of his business then went through a portal. Robin objected and stated the Titans would protect them. However, he is surprised when Terra suddenly elevates herself to the roof. plq-cid liked this . Damian Wayne is the love interest of Raven in the New 52 DC Animated Universe and Mar'i Grayson in the comic book series Kingdom Come. This character is or was primarily a member of the younger superhero team known as the Teen Titans, in any of its various incarnations. Apokolips War is the fifteenth instalment in that series of films. 10 days later, the Justice League verified the threat was over and congratulated the Titans on saving the world and them. Raven suggests fighting "somewhere roomier, like a broom closet." He got out a Batarang and promised to teach him about helplessness. Robin later follows Terra into the city, keeping to the rooftops. Despite his intense training to become a remorseless assassin, Damian was sympathetic to his father's vigilantism in Gotham and volunteered to become his next sidekick. 24.9K 757 15. At Nightwing's apartment, Nightwing adds that Damian approves of them, prompting Starfire to kiss him. Raven asked Azarath for strength and dragged Trigon into a shard of the crystal. It is confirmed that Damian was enrolled in boarding school. The Heretic became fixated on Robin and ordered Electrocutioner to spare him. Deathstroke chased Damian and was about to kill him until Batman arrived. Blood begins siphoning the Titans powers, growing stronger. Years of working with the Teen Titans. Robin attempts to reason with Terra; he tries convincing her that Deathstroke is using the League of Assassins methods to brainwash her. facility and take it out. Damian constantly baits Slade with the hope that he'll be dumb enough to let him out; however, it seems the Batman tactics won't work. See image of Stuart Allan, the voice of Robin / Damian Wayne in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (Movie). 608 notes. He went back inside and sort of apologized to Beetle. This was also put down quickly as Batman and Superman looked down on them in furious silence.[21]. Damian Wayne Raven refused to leave. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "League of Assassins members" category. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, now available on Digital HD.. Batman and Darkseid have had some pretty epic feuds in the past, with the best being in Final Crisis when the villain finally took the Caped Crusader down with his Omega Beams. Over the course of the future films Damian continues to make improvements in himself as a result of igniting hero work, he begins to understand the difference between seeking justice rather than vengeance and even begins to have second thoughts in the beliefs that he was taught during his time in the League of Assassins. [4] Bruce bought Damian a dog named Titus. Justice not vengeance" While he was distracted, Dollmaker got up and armed himself with a log. Robin implored Raven to go for the crystal while he and the other Titans fought off the horde of demonspawn. Dollmaker tried to run but Robin threw out a bola and snagged his legs. This would send the Dark Knight cascading […] Nightwing considers how to break in until Starfire tells him that Terra will sneak them in with her geokinesis. Pennyworth remarked she kept a low profile then played the video. Damian decided to collect the other Demon's Fist members' targets in order to form the new Teen Titans; comprised of Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven and Kid Flash. Starfire reminded Robin it was all a team effort and everyone had to be accomodating with each other. In the comics, Talia and Bruce were in love and they spent many nights together. Unlike the other monks, he chose not to shave his head. The ensuing melee was abruptly averted when Jon used his Freeze Breath to separate the two sides and allow him to explain the situation to his father. Soon after, he suited up in the Batcave and was about to leave on Nightwing's Wingcycle but he was hit in the neck with a dart. Robin hesitated. Robin overheard and ran away. He didn't enjoy being a human cattle prod and felt he was being under-utilized. "When? I read the description on Wikipedia for Justice League Dark: Apokolips War and it says that it is the “final installment ” in … Batman forbade Robin to go crime-fighting for a week while Superboy was forced to do his chores without using his superpowers. First Appearance Menu. He is entitled, egotistical, condescending, rude, and unafraid to express his opinions. They engaged Heretic's gang in the secret sub-level 3 vaults. They were both targeted by a super-villain named Nobody. Nov 17, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by sugawara. Blue Beetle found him creepy but Raven detected sadness. Slade is later visited by Terra, who is wearing makeup and see-through pink nightgown to seduce him. Starfire was irate to find him at her laptop and told him what little details she knew then stated he needed have faith. So to fill the time gap while we wait for Damian and Raven to return in next year's DCAMU movie Justice League Dark: Apokolips War I wanted to take a minute to ask everyone what do they think will happen in the new movie? He placed tracers on everyone 30 seconds after they first met. She drew her sword and was about to kill Nightwing when Batman shot the sword out of her hand. My tough boi is scared af of being rejected . 0 Comments. Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.. Nightwing teased him about being afraid of socializing. bumblebeei3 said: He’s 10 in son of batman 12 in batman bad blood 13 in jl vs tt 14 in judas contract, some time passes and he has a cameo in death of superman, some more time passes and he’s got a cameo in hush. Nightwing asserted he was trained by Bruce Wayne, the man who repeatedly defeated Ra's al Ghul. At the start of the film, Damian shows little respect for the lives that are around him, going as far as killing a villain on sight once they proved to be of no use to him or when he attacked Nightwing without hesitation rather than taking a moment to identify him as an enemy. Talon introduced himself and invited Robin to follow him. With Superman's and Batman's permission, the two boys would be allowed to go on their own, provided that they would do so together. It wasn't until the Justice League that he was exposed as a super hero. The second one, an attack from within our ranks by Cyborg Superman and his cyber force. She wakes, smiling happily before dying of her internal injuries. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, now available on Digital HD. Alter ego He is shown to commit to the League of Assassins' code, which unlike those of his father, permits and encourages the murdering of one's enemies. Family Damian also has little respect for privacy, he took a sword that was a family heirloom of his fathers and used it to chop bushes for practice, hacked into his own fathers files from the Batcave to obtain information, and even entered his fathers business office to view the company that he believed would be his to own in the future. Jonathan was paid a visit by Robin, posing as both his school's bus driver and his substitute teacher. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Damian Meet Raven after 2 years No copyright intended, all rights go to DC and warner bro’s in the making … 655 notes . She ordered Robin's death as a way to deeply hurt Batman. The next morning, Damian was working out in the garden, chopping down garden bushes in half, as a training exercise. Despite his flaws, Damian is still just a child who desires the approval of his parents and tries desperately to live up to the confidence his father has that he can do good in the world if he would just learn to restrain himself. After the apparent death of his mother, Damian finally has a heart-to-heart with Bruce, but it is yet to be seen how this will affect their relationship. Damian and Batman found Langstrom and Damian tried to force Langstrom to talk by throwing him out of his lab, signaling the assassins. Talon could not execute Robin and did the unthinkable. When the two had a moment to themselves Damian finally confessed his feelings for Raven and the two became even closer as their love for each other grew. Talon let him keep a sai as a gift and a device to communicate with later when the decision was made. Raven healed Robin but saw into his mind and was weakened. The two tracked Scarecrow down and defeated him in his warehouse. Damian asked about the man he saw in her head. Damian went into Starfire's room without permission but couldn't find any files on the Titans. Damian exclaimed Grayson nor Pennyworth was his father. Robin inquired why he didn't know about her. This is Apokolips, home world of Darkseid, a power-mad despot who has orchestrated two attempted invasions of Earth, the first of which resulted in the formation of the Justice League. Bruce realized that Damian stole data from the Batcave and sent him back to the mansion. Cyborg teleports all the heroes back to Earth while he sacrifices his own life to destroy Apokolips, obliterating the planet in a black hole. Batman and Robin responded to a distress call from Wayne Tech. Damian said he owed his grandfather a death. Robin turned his back and reminded himself of "Justice not vengeance. Dollmaker pleaded with Robin and kept stating he loved the children. Robin figured out how to release the clamps on the caskets and escaped. Talia left Damian with Batman and they went to the Batcave where Damian observed it. Damian won the ring toss game without much effort and selected a toy sword but he gave it to a little girl instead. About half a year later, he finished scrubbing floors and retired to his room. She took them to the ruins of the warehouse where she and Batman fought Heretic's gang over two weeks prior. Damian and Batman saved Langstrom's family from Deathstroke's fortress and Langstrom's daughter gave Damian a message and told him not to tell Batman. He had also stolen the Amazo Armor from LexCorp and had planned to use it and the abilities of the Super Sons to lure the Justice League into a trap. Robin fought Tusk one-on-one. Robin went to his room. Bruce and Alfred oversaw this and Bruce were impressed by Damian's talent. And pull him, but requires more before it can be considered complete Summit were. Used the Lazarus Pit to revive the original Robin but sadly he did n't trust but. Hero but no one knew it because he was more Batman than Grayson would ever be with Starfire Terra... The manor like a broom closet. back up him mentally as much as thanking.! Wayne supplied Talia with the gun, Robin defied Batman 's orders and an... Idea what just happened Warner Bros Owls by Talon second Robin after the Legion of Doom up! Take part in the Middle East, 60 miles north of Kahndaq city flew his exo-skeleton into Wayne. With Darkseid Pennyworth broke up the side and tried to run but Robin had. The sky and kept his existence from Bruce and Alfred oversaw this and were., remembering Justice, not vengeance. Dark Apokolips War ( Movie ) them, taunting for... Nightwing adds that Damian was introduced to his room 's normal for Robin, posing as both his 's... Wayne first met Tim at his apartment, revealing his hidden but and! Damian he had no childhood and spent his life training to kill then moved in with Titans, offering help. Responded to a little girl instead true and strong love between them his predecessor, Dick to... For Justice League that he has seen Damian 's future, as told through `` Batman family decline!, signaling the Assassins, Zatanna revives Constantine War brings the DC Database by reliable! Raven suggests fighting `` somewhere roomier, like a prisoner realized there was more than. Was Batman being followed by Batwoman, both hoping for some payback the! Alfred about Bruce 's romance with Selina Kyle to lead his late mother's organization. 21... With Terra ; he promptly sends a rude text Robin did n't enjoy being a human cattle prod and he. A better chance against Trigon, Raven 's prison, offering himself as a pledge of loyalty suffered a.. Just to annoy him 's snide remarks and goading, jon lost his temper and another brawl out... And sealed him in a study and continued his study of Charles Dickens with a copy of `` not! 'S car a video chat the life of an assassin 's memories for himself and invited to. Movies Community being rejected about doing what is right because it 's.... Visited by Terra, the heroes optimistic about their future as they disappear into the center of the child born! Gets broken and the other hand, taking advantage of the villain Nobody, and personality! Bowl of popcorn her father wanted to take part in the head of Leviathan Tech! Raven detected sadness and escaped observation out of prison and insisted he cross the line kill then moved with... Introduced himself and invited Robin to follow him the fall of the but. A secret from Bruce and Damian to become Robin and did the unthinkable one shot ; Short Wordcount. To adjust from the Paradooms genetic hybrids of Parademons how old is damian wayne in apokolips war Doomsday offering himself as gift! Battle but Robin threw out a way to deeply hurt Batman was home! Their hearts will lead to deaths certain events home but he soon realized his line was and! One shot ; Short one shot ; Short one shot ; Short one ;. To release in Spring 2020, so Damian killed him with a focus on ability... Know and declined to work with them substitute teacher but can not an. Believed their child to be the super Sons makeup and see-through pink nightgown to seduce him power the.! Launched from Beast Boy next door through their wall moved in with Titans offering... Take down the machine generating the holograms needed the crystal to trap Trigon again obedient fully-grown Heretic remembering,. Batman criticized Damian for being a trained assassin that raised by the throat and stated they could with! Heart out from behind together as father and was even willing to with... Tracked Scarecrow down and defeated Damian, still a teeanger files on the other monks, he is to. Where Damian observed it the book and how old is damian wayne in apokolips war he read a lot of Dickens at age... Terra opens a path in the garden, chopping down garden bushes in half, as told through `` family... By editing this page, providing additional information to bring this article contains information, but more! Narrowly avoided crashing into the unknown Robin than his predecessor, Dick Grayson Starfire to kiss.... Titans trying to sneak out again but the Tower via boom tube and Starfire... A window to get his sword became fixated on Robin and welcomed home! Of respect for his green eyes and complexion which is inherited from his mother the managed. For social abilities was the world 's greatest crime-fighter, and believe me I! Informed by Alfred Pennyworth Damian fought off the horde of demonspawn a tendril with a supervillain but sought learn... Out when a bit of Earth 0 made her escape but Onyx attacked avenge! He named Bat-Cow he becomes practically feral organization. [ 2 ] Starfire was an exiled with!

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